Free yourself from antiquated long copper telephone lines and get connected wirelessly. 

While most Internet Service Providers resell “fibre broadband” using old copper telephone lines, Fibrecast is building it’s own Broadband Network using the latest Wireless Broadband and fibre optic technology.

The majority of our customers will connect using our Wireless platform, which is capable of delivering up to 100Mbps download speeds. Clear line of sight is required for the service to work optimally, and sadly it doesn’t work through trees although we will try our best to work around them!

In some areas Fibrecast will utilise fibre optic cables to connect properties to our network where using Wireless Broadband radios is not possible due to land topology or lack of line of sight. Usually these fibre distribution networks will connect using a single high capacity radio to our backbone.

We also provide consultancy services for private Wireless Point to Point links as well as other services listed on the Packages page.