Slow broadband harming your productivity?

Get in the fast lane with Fibrecast.

Symmetric Speeds

up to 100 Mbps* Download speed
up to 100 Mbps* Upload speed
Unlimited Usage (subject to Fair Use Policy)

Our upload speeds are up to 5x faster than BT Infinity and TalkTalk Fibre Broadband.


Home: from £30/month
contract: 12 months

Business: from £35/month
contract: 24 months

Installation charges apply.


Our service is currently only available in Dundee and Tayside, Scotland.

Service is subject to site survey and other constraints.

*The maximum speed achievable at any given moment can be affected by the number of users currently using the service and other factors outside our control such as general internet congestion.

How it works

Our approach to delivering superfast broadband is somewhat different from most providers - we do not use copper telephone lines or coax cable but instead use our own next generation fibre optic and wireless radio network to bring our service to your home or business.

We know that upload speeds are equally important to business users as download speeds. Unlike BT, TalkTalk, and Virgin Media we can provide the speeds previously only available via expensive leased line services, at a price tag that won't break the bank.

We present our service via ethernet and most subscribers will share a public IP address. Our service is best suited with use of cloud services such as Office365 and Google Apps etc. A dedicated static IP address may be available for a monthly fee.