Can I get Fibrecast?

Because we are building our own Wireless Broadband Network instead of reselling services of another company, we can only provide our service to locations that are covered by one of our masts. If you register your details on our accounts system we will get back to you to let you know if we are able to provide our services to you at this time. If you are not currently covered by one of our masts but we have coverage nearby then you may find that we can provide our services to you in the future as we expand.

Can I have a Static IP?

We can provide a Static IP address for £5 per month which is guaranteed not to change without prior notice.


Do you need line of sight?

Our service requires clear, unobstructed line of sight to the transmitter site to work optimally. It does not work through trees, buildings, hills etc. We will confirm line of sight during the site survey stage.

How do I get Fibrecast?

If you haven’t already, register on our accounts system:

Once you have registered, we will review your details and your location to determine whether we have a mast with theoretical line of sight. If this is the case then we will arrange to carry out a site survey to confirm.

After we have confirmed that your home or business has line of sight, we will update your account so you can place your order with us and pay your installation fee and then once this has happened we will arrange the installation date with you.

How fast is it?

The Fibrecast Wireless Broadband Network is capable of delivering download and upload speeds of up to 100Mbps.

The actual speeds that you will see will vary depending on how busy the network is at any particular time, and the speed of the services that you are accessing on the internet. Most of our customers see at least 40Mbps (but usually much higher) on speedtests and these figures should continue to increase as we invest in our network. Our network is perfectly capable of streaming all your favourite shows from the likes of Netflix, Amazon Video and BBC iPlayer.

How is Fibrecast different from other fibre broadband providers?

Unlike most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the UK who simply resell services of another company, Fibrecast is building a Wireless Broadband Network which allows us to bypass the shortcomings of old copper telephone wires and bring superfast broadband to those who may not be able to benefit otherwise. Instead of connecting a modem to your telephone line, we install a wireless broadband dish which connects to one of our masts which can be located up to 10 KM away.

What about latency? Is this the same as satellite broadband?

Unlike Satellite Broadband which suffers from high latency due to the distance that the signals must travel, Wireless Broadband has a baseline latency which is similar to standard broadband services – typically customers see < 50ms latency to London.

What equipment do you supply?

Fibrecast will provide everything required to get you online with the exception of a suitable router. In some instances there will be additional charges if we require additional materials due to a complex installation but we will advise you of this during the site survey stage.

The equipment provided includes Wireless Broadband Dish, Bracket, Cabling and Power Supply.

What router do you recommend?

There are a large selection of routers that can be used with our service. We have a large number of customers who have purchased TP-Link Archer series devices with great success.

Any router that has Ethernet WAN or EWAN for short should be compatible. Email us if you require further information.

What’s the router configuration for your service?

Our network is self configuring – all that is required is that you set your router to DHCP on the WAN port and the magic will happen.

Please note that our network will only issue 1 IP address per subscriber. If you swap routers you will need to wait up to 10 minutes before your new router will work.