Ultrafast Broadband
Acceptable Use Policy

At Fibrecast we want all our customers to enjoy and make the most of their ultrafast broadband service without the worries of using too much bandwidth and being charged over-usage fees which is why we only offer an “unlimited use service.”

While it is true that the vast majority of our subscribers will use our service in such a way that it is not detrimental to other subscribers, a very small number of customers abuse our “unlimited use service” by using an excessive amount of network bandwidth on an ongoing basis which not only results in poorer performance for our other customers, but also increases the cost of operating our network.

In order to ensure that we provide the best service to all our customers across our network, we do employ traffic management systems to optimise the service to all our subscribers. Additionally, this Acceptable Usage Policy will help us to identify subscribers that are causing detrimental effects to our network and customers.

The main identifier flags for abuse of our network are as follows:

•      Exceeding 5TB (5000 GB) combined usage consistently every month (both download & upload).

•      Excessive BitTorrent or similar file sharing P2P traffic.

•      Any illegal/grey activities which could lead to legal/civil action etc. such as copyright infringement, spamming, any hacking activities, port scanning, DDoS and anything else of a similar nature.

•      Hosting a TOR exit node is strictly prohibited. (Grounds for instant service termination)

•      Hosting any sort of Proxy/VPN service or open (unsecure) Wi-Fi network which allows anybody outside your household to use your internet connection is prohibited.

•      Hosting public servers is prohibited except with written consent.

•      Any other activities that could possibly affect or reduce the performance or capacity of our network or have legal/civil ramifications for Fibrecast or for our customers.

Please note that the account holder is responsible for all persons using their account/connection and must make themselves aware of who is using the service and must not permit any illegal activities (including copyright infringement) or violations of our Acceptable Use Policy to occur.

In the event of a violation of our AUP we will usually contact you by email in the first instance to try resolve the issue, with speed reductions, HTTP-based warning restrictions and eventually service disconnection being options available to us should the violation not be addressed accordingly.

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